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The Processing Pinnacle: An Educator’s Guide to Better Processing



ISBN: 978-1-885473-63-9
SIZE: 6 x 9


“Processing is an intuitive practice, and the processing pinnacle puts logic and structure to something that is not particularly logical.”

Experiential education focuses mainly on the idea that there are two components to experience: action and reflection.  The Processing Pinnacle offers a theoretical approach to more effective processing, the reflective component of experience.  Offering different points of view from the growing world of experiential education, the authors consider the difficulties of processing and suggest techniques to remove these “roadblocks.”

Utilizing the metaphor of the mountain, the authors demonstrate how and when certain facilitator methods may elicit immediate response and make a lasting impression on the individual, encouraging reflection as a personal response to life experience.  Readers are invited to take a quiz designed to help experiential educators clarify and interpret their processing tendencies.  Easy to implement and conversational in tone, The Processing Pinnacle contains valuable guidance for anyone who teaches experientially.




Table of Contents

Section One Introduction  
Chapter 1 A Conversation on Reflection 
Chapter 2 What Is Processing? 
Chapter 3 Ten Reasons Why Processing Is Difficult 
Section Two A Processing Quiz 
Chapter 4 A Processing Quiz 
Chapter 5 The Processing Matrix and Interpretation of the Quiz 
Section Three The Processing Pinnacle 
Chapter 6 The Processing Pinnacle 
Chapter 7 The Hammer 
Chapter 8 The Standard: Developing Better Questions and Answers 
Chapter 9 Participant-Directed Processing 
Chapter 10 Reaching the Pinnacle 
Chapter 11 Conclusion 
Appendix A A Few Processing Activities 
Appendix B A Facilitator’s Field Guide


The Processing Pinnacle

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