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Facilitator Training

Sam Sikes has assisted hundreds of facilitators and trainers over the past 27 years to hone and develop their facilitation skills. He has had the honor of training professionals not only from throughout the US, but from around the globe – India, Mexico, United Kingdom, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada.


From those just entering the training and development field to highly respected and seasoned facilitators, DoingWorks is a vital professional development resource.


Facilitator Skills Training

This two-day workshop, led by Sam Sikes, will give you the skills to lead openers, energizers and initiatives with confidence. Experience a variety of activities for both large and small groups. Learn what to do "behind the scenes" to make each activity appear effortless and professional. Bring your own training situations and learn how to apply experiential activities to your industry and audience. The training includes learning to facilitate initiatives indoors and outdoors; the theory and application of experiential processes; how to respond to different groups, processing the experience, where to get materials, lots of ideas...


Scheduled dates are on an "as requested" basis at this time. Feel free to contact DoingWorks to book a facilitator training to suit your needs.  Reserve your attendance by contacting us by phone or e-mail. Total investment is $250 per person. Email to or call 512-230-0969 to reserve your place in the training. 

Foundation of Trust Workshop

Experience the entire A Foundation of Trust book in a hands-on way.  Schedule Sam Sikes to present the concepts and activities in your hometown.


The framework for the two-day workshop is 8:00am - 4:00pm with an hour for lunch each day for up to 20 people.  Attendees will receive an A Foundation of Trust book and have the opportunity to ask questions and experience how it all can work for the people they train or lead.


Attendees should expect to use this active workshop as an opportunity to learn how to spread the information to others.

"The thoroughness and professional approach of Sam's 'Facilitator Training’ compelled us to bring him back year after year. No matter how proficient individuals were, there was always something each person would learn from Sam to enhance their skill and effectiveness. It helped us have a staff that was creative and competent."

Debbie Hensleigh, 
Debbie Hensleigh Initiatives, 
Champaign, IL

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