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The Leader Who Is Hardly Known: Self-less Teaching From the Chinese Tradition



ISBN: 978-1-885473-51-6
SIZE: 6 x 9

“A commentary on the many commonalities and the occasional differences between Tao philosophy and experiential education theory and practice.”

The Leader Who is Hardly Known is a series of essays, each beginning with a brief story focusing on the experiences and lessons of a teacher called “the Leader Who is Hardly Known.”  The stories are followed by Taoist quotes and the author’s thoughts relating to the story.  Taoist philosophy can have deep meaning for experiential educators because of the focus on natural spontaneity and unself-conscious learning and teaching.

Written in an order that emphasizes personality traits that affect leadership, commonalities to experiential education programs, then the necessity of connection to the natural world, the essays contained are intentionally short and can stand alone for reference and guidance.  The conclusion summarizes how the principles contained form a foundational philosophy for experiential education.




Table of Contents

Section One: A Good Start  
Chapter 1: The Arrogant Monkey/Humility in a Leader 
Chapter 2: The Obsessed Rock Climber/Tolerance 
Chapter 3: The Foxes of Isle Royale/Wu-Wei 
Chapter 4: The Golden Carp/Good Enough is Good Enough 
Chapter 5: The Runaway Horse/Calm Steadiness 
Section Two: Teaching Tips 
Chapter 6: The Boy Who Stepped on a Bee/ The Aftermath of Challenge 
Chapter 7: Tao on a Tee Shirt /The Yin and the Yang 
Chapter 8: The Evacuation/Both a Leader and Manager 
Chapter 9: Birdwatching at Fifty/Teach When the Time is Right 
Section Three: The Role of Nature 
Chapter 10: The Inventor’s Mantle Clock/ In Nature We See Ourselves 
Chapter 11: The Interrupted Stargazers/How to See Nature  
Chapter 12: The Owl and the Lady’s Slipper/Nature’s Lessons 
Section Four: Conclusion 
Chapter 13: A Town Like Any Other/Toward a Tao Leadership 

The Leader Who Is Hardly Known

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