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Teamwork & Teamplay International Edition:

50 Team Activities, 16 Languages, 1 World

by Jim Cain


224 pages

4.5 x 6 inches


Based on the experiential activities in the original book Teamwork & Teamplay.


The 16 languages in this volume include:

English, Russian, Chinese, Turkish,

Spanish, Japanese, Mongolian, Italian,

French, Hebrew, Dutch, Greek, Thai,

German, Danish and Portuguese.


Table of Contents


Teamwork & Teamplay Activities 

Icebreakers & Opening Activities

Teambuilding Activities & Challenges

Games Just for Fun

Reviewing Techniques & Closing Activities

Equipment for Teamwork & Teamplay 212

The Pangaia Project 215

A Conversation with Dr. Jim Cain

Pangaia Project Partners

The International Camping Fellowship

References and Resources 220

Additional Books

About Jim Cain

For More Information

Teamwork & Teamplay International Edition

SKU: 9780988204638
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