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by author and experiential facilitator Sam Sikes includes:

• A foreword by Karl Rohnke
• More than 40 new experiential activities including seven using mousetraps 
• The story of the Mousetrap Tower and its lesson about how performance is both physical and mental
• Co-Facilitation techniques that work as you facilitate
• How to create your own activities 
• Plenty of pictures and clear instructions
• Fun and learning opportunities for everyone!

224 pages - 6" X 9"


Raptor is the third book in a loose series that includes Feeding The Zircon Gorilla and Executive Marbles. It includes many new problem-solving activities. Perhaps one of the most exciting innovations is the use of mousetraps in several of the activities. Like the Marbles book, this one has a matrix of issues and concepts and team sizes to help the facilitator choose the best activities for a program more easily. 

FAQ: How did you come up with the name Raptor?
Like the other two books in the series, Raptor is the name of one of the activities. The activity is a competition between teams who are trying to strategically knock a pool ball into a small hole. The dynamics are similar to a scene from the movie Jurrasic Park where the veloceraptors are converging on the people as they cross a tall grass field.


SKU: 9780964654174
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