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Power of Family: An Experiential Approach to Family Treatment





ISBN: 978-1-939019-15-8
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Experiential therapists emphasize the feeling side of human nature: creativity, spontaneity, and the ability to play in therapy, as well as the value of experience for its own sake. We would stress that the intentional use of specifically designed interactive interventions with families offers the best of both worlds: an emphasis on each individual’s lived experience of being in the family along with a focus on structural and system issues that often dictate how each experience within a family is processed and perceived.

The authors invite you to explore the intentional use of interactive interventions as a primary methodology in family treatment. The activities they introduce into the therapy office provide an immediate context for witnessing how the family functions first-hand. In this manner, families reveal systems, structures, cognitive and emotional processes, strategies, communication styles, approaches to problem-solving, as well as other issues traditionally targeted in the process of family treatment. The intent is to provide an environment that allows family members to freely and genuinely demonstrate their strengths and limitations.




Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Clinical Foundation
Newspaper Towers: Case Study by Marty Riggs, LCSW
Chapter 2: Clinical Application
Chapter 3: Therapeutic Use With Families
Building Trust in a Minefield: Case Study by Rachel Wood, LCSW
Chapter 4: Clinical Reference Charts
Clinical Purposes Definitions
Clinical Purposes/Activity Intervention Chart
Common Family Interaction Patterns
Family Interaction Patterns/Activity Intervention Chart
DSM Diagnosis/Activity Intervention Chart
Navagating the Waters: Case Study by Rebecca Gauchet, LCSW
Chapter 5: Experiential Activities (see Activity Index on page 35)
Chapter 6: Power of One Activities Adapted for Families
Key Exchange: Case Study by Kim Sacksteder, LISW-S
Chapter 7: High Adventure Activities
The Pendulum of Parenting: Case Study by Michael Gass, PhD LMFT
Chapter 8: Transitional Activities 
Chapter 9: Reflection Activities
Chapter 10: Family Homework
Goal Circle: Case Study by Tony Alvarez, LMSW
Chapter 11: Sample Sequence: Individual Family
Chapter 12: Sample Sequence: Multi-Family
Multi-Family Mother/Daughter Retreat: Case Study by Amy Embury, MA, LLP
Chapter 13: Writing Family Treatment Notes
Chapter 14: Agency Favorites Family Activities
About the Authors

Power of Family

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