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Portable Teambuilding Activities: Games, Initiatives, and Team Challenges for Any Space



ISBN: 978-1-939019-14-1
SIZE: 7.75 x 9.25

An evocative list—FUN, choice of challenge, discussion, compassion, self-efficacy, respect, acceptance, integrity, discovery, teamwork—all integral parts of experiential/adventure education. Did you notice the bold first word in this magic list? Fortunately, Chris Cavert, is a dedicated FUN magnet, and your welcoming guide to active participation (from the Foreword by Karl Rohnke).

This book is filled with a variety of teambuilding activities with a range of challenge levels.These activities can be used with middle and high school students, college students, and adult groups of all ages and backgrounds. Most of the challenges require easy-to-find props and equipment, others require some extra effort before you play. All the activities can be resources to add to powerful and positive pro-social development programs.
If you can answer “Yes” to any one of the following questions, then we can confidently say, “This book IS for you.”
• Are you an educator or counselor of middle or high school students interested in building a stronger community in your classroom, gym, or school?
• Do you work with adult populations helping them build stronger teams, communities, and workplace relationships?
• Are you an adventure education facilitator working with groups of all ages on challenge courses, teambuilding programs, and wilderness trips?
• Do you want to make a positive impact on the social development of the people you teach and the people with which you work?
• Are you interested in making the space around you, and even the world, a more peaceful place to live?
• Are you willing to “approach each new person you meet in a spirit of adventure?”




Table of Contents

Section One: Initiative Tests
Getting Names
Liner Quotes 
The DaKine Game
Statue Tag 
Noodle Lock & Key Tag
Figure 8
Boogie Ball
Pressure Cooker
Fast Ball
One More Chance
Surfing the Web
Target Dilemma
Word Circle Puzzles
Trilogy 1
The Crossings
There & Back
Pressure Play Too
Quinn-tessential Challenge
Knot Around Here
Trilogy 2
Coiled Rope
5-Point Star
Shooting Star
Fill In
Group Poem
Calvinball Challenge
Group Jump
Section Two: Notable Variations
Drop Stop
What Can You Make of It, Too?
Noodle Speed Rabbit
Pro-Noodle Tag
Eye Contact Partner Tag
Ship to Shore
Team Flashback Tag
Flashback Tag Unlimited
Limb-itless Moonball
Luna Launching
Sound Movements
What Are Your Chickens
Falling Star
Number Cards
Bull Ring, Clipping In
Traffic Jam: Puzzling Norms
Section Three: Portable Elements
Blue Portal
BT Shuffle
Flip the Tube
Find Your Island
Railroad Crossing
Traveling Puzzle
The Great Hole Tarp
Leaky Pickles
PVCystem Portable Elements Kit Make It in 4 Steps
Blind Roll
Overhead Crane
Electric Amoeba
Razor’s Edge
Lines of Communication
Body Parts
Object Pass
The Web We Weave (a.k.a., Rope Pass)
One Way (a.k.a., Spider Web)
Double Pass Spider Web
Horizontal Spider Web  
House Trap
Appendix A: Facilitated Objectives
List of Activities/Alphabetized
Appendix B: Equipment Needs
Appendix C: Calvinball
About the Author 

Portable Teambuilding Activities

SKU: 9781939019141
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