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Open to Outcome 2nd Edition: A Practical Guide for Facilitating & Teaching Experiential Reflection



ISBN: 978-1-939019-16-5
SIZE: 5 x 7


“Open to Outcome, 2nd Edition is a remarkably concise volume, in which Micah and Mari have put together a near-perfect mix of theory, science, training, tips, and advice for new (and old) facilitators, leaders, and teachers/coaches.” —Ben Oliver, Assistant Director, Colgate University Outdoor Education, Hamilton, NY

With the first edition of Open to Outcome, tens of thousands of educators and learners experienced and benefited from The 5 Questions model for facilitating reflective discussions. This second edition builds on the solid foundation of the first, offering ingeniously simple changes to the 4th and 5th questions, the addition of a new chapter on specific outcomes, and other updates to make this proven processing method even more powerful and effective. Twenty years of reflection and refining make this tool better than ever!

Open to Outcome 2 Edition presents the learning cycle model built around five questions designed to take experience in a group setting and connect and apply experiential learning to real life.  The 5 Question Model easily applies to groups of varying ages and skill levels and can be used to encourage leadership and mentoring roles among peers.

The authors use their field-tested technique to generate group discussion that increases individual member participation, learning, and internal reflection.  They round out the book with essential how-tos as well as some innovative and creative ideas to spice up the process.  A wonderful book for teachers, group facilitators, coaches, and others who work in an experiential or educational setting, Open to Outcome 2 Edition presents tools to heighten the learning experience.




Table of Contents

2nd Edition Introduction
Chapter One: What Is Learning?
Chapter Two: Creating Space and the Facilitator Mind-Set
Chapter Three: The 5 Questions
Chapter Four: Keep the Conversation Moving
Chapter Five: We Need an Outcome!
Chapter Six: Make It Experiential!
Additional Resources

Open To Outcome 2nd Edition

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