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Lessons of the Way: Using Adventure Activities to Explore the Way of Jesus



ISBN: 978-1-885473-65-3
SIZE: 6 x 9

“We cannot give what we do not have and we cannot teach what we do not live.  Our best lessons come out of our own questions, our own searching, our own discoveries.  Authenticity is the most important quality of a good teacher and in order to have that you must first consider and struggle with the same questions you want your students to struggle with.”

Lessons of the Way is a unique and comprehensive approach to spiritual formation and discipleship to Jesus that is grounded in the knowledge and use of experiential education.  Stories, scriptures, activities and questions create the basis for action, reflection, change and growth.  Here is an in-depth, practical resource for facilitators and leaders who want to embrace and share the foundational truths of spiritual formation found in its forerunner, Adventure and the Way of Jesus.




Table of Contents

Introduction: How to Use This Book
About Teaching Through Experience
Lessons of the Way
Chapter 1: Questions of the Way
Question 1: What Makes a Person Valuable or Important?
Question 2: What Role Does Fear Play in Decisions and Actions?
Question 3: Does My Life Really Reflect a Trust in God?
Question 4: How Do We See the People Around Us?
Chapter 2: Thinking and the Way
Which Voices are Leading You?
Production: Does That Make You More Important?
The Spectacular: Does Being Popular Make You More Important?
Control: Does Being in Control Make You More Important?
Right or Relevant: Does Being Right Make You More Important?
The Way is Found in Accepting and Receiving Rather Than Proving and Doing
Who is at the Center of the Story? Who is God?
Faith as a Paradox: In Letting Go You Will Find Security
Beyond the Obvious: Trust That God is Acting Even if We Can’t See It
Chapter 3: Emotions and the Way
The Way is Found by Following Our Fear
The Way is Found in Really Trusting the One You Cannot See
The Way is Found in Discerning Our Emotions
Seeing the Truth About My Fear in the Way I Help Others
Anxiety and Its Power to Distract
Chapter 4: Sharing the Way
Telling the Truth Even When It is Hard
Solitude and the Forming of Compassion
The Way is Found in Unconditional Acceptance
The Way is Found in Compassion
The Way is Found in the Reflections of the Truth
Chapter 5: Scripture Along the Way
Journey With Abraham Illustrated
Stage One: Separation, the Beginning of Faith
Stage Two: Struggle, the Strengthening of Faith
Stage Three: Failure, the Experience of Grace
Mount Moriah: Faith Beyond Understanding
Chapter 6: Communion as a Shared Experience
Activities Introduction
Balance Broom
Climbing Wall
Corporate Box
Dual Keypads
Four Quad
Group Juggle
Heebie Jeebie/Pirates Crossing
Hold Your Breath
Man in the Mirror
Micro Hike
Nocturnal News
Pamper Pole
Perception Exercise
The Protector
Ships Across the Sea
Slippery Tension Traverse
Spider Web
Team Haul Swing
Tent Pole
38 Special
Trust Fall
Trust Walk
Wild Woosey
Yeah, But...
Lesson Reference Guide
Activity Reference Guide

Lessons of the Way

SKU: 9781885473653
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