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Leading Together: Foundations of Collaborative Leadership for the Classroom



ISBN: 978-1-885473-79-0
SIZE: 8.5 x 11

“Part of the genius of collaborative leadership lies in its faith in the wisdom and judgment of the group as a whole.  The secret is to create an environment that encourages all to participate, to be mindful of one’s role as a group member, and to remember that learning about collaborative leadership is a process of never-ending growth.”

Here is a curriculum for teaching the possibilities of leadership embedded in colaboration.  Students learn how the strengths of relationships—the power of people working together—can make change, achieve goals, and help them meet the challenges they face.  If you want to join others in leading differently­—if you wish to learn the fundamentals for getting something done, this book is for you!

Leading Together provides a thorough and straightforward foundation for teaching the roles and responsibilities of collaborative leadership in the classroom, grades 8 – 12.  Teachers will find concrete ways to directly address and focuses on these complex skills as they move through the lessons contained in this book.  The exercises, readings, and activities are intended not only to be completed, but also to be reflected upon.  Many students of leadership behavior have noted that the best way to develop leadership skills and values is to reflect on one’s own experience. That is certainly true of this curriculum on collaborative leadership.




Table of Contents

Comparisons Between Traditional and Collaborative Leadership Behaviors 
Thinking It Over: The Role of Reflection 
Roles and Responsibilities of Collaborative Leaders 
Unit 1: What is Collaboration? 
Develop Group Cohesion 
Recognize Diversity Within the Group 
Differentiate Between Cooperation and Collaboration 
Use a Variety of Skills and Tools for Collaboration 
Apply Collaborative Skills 
Unit 2: What is Leadership? 
Creating Community 
Compose a Personal Definition of Leadership 
Compare and Contrast the Notions That Leaders are Born and/or Made 
Explore Different Views of Leadership 
Analyze the Roles of Risk Taking and Long-Term Vision When Leading 
Construct a Vision of an Ideal Leader 
Unit 3: What is Collaborative Leadership? 
Continue to Intentionally Build and Maintain a Safe Working Environment 
Assess Personal Collaborative Leadership Values 
Use Collaborative Leadership Qualities and Values 
Practice Effective Use of Collaborative 
Leadership Core Values and Qualities 
Appendix A: Activities 
Appendix B: Journal Questions 

Leading Together

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