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Leading From Where You Are: How Every Person Can Help or Hinder the Collaborative Culture



ISBN: 978-1-939019-21-9
SIZE: 6 x 9

A good leader does not need a formal position, title, or authority. Every day you interact with others, you are a source of influence. Each of us, should we have the courage to step out, can “lead from where we are.”

Leading From Where You Are is a very practical guide to understanding the culture of collaboration and the personal responsibilities of each person involved. Here is a clear path to true leadership—leadership that builds the capacity of a team or organization to be resilient, sustainable, responsive, and effective. The steps toward this kind of leadership are clearly laid out: defining oneself, developing deep levels of self-awareness, being able to manage boundaries because of that self-awareness, remaining intentional rather than reactive, and the ability to help develop mature companions in the process. The useful and powerful practice of action-learning reveals an effective way of dealing with the complex issues (i.e., conflict, assumptions, gossip, sabotage) that can hinder the process of collaboration. Understanding the nature of these issues and adapting practices such as action-learning can bring maturity and allow any of us to step in with a different perspective and thus influence a more healthy and mature culture.





Leading From Where You Are

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