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Games (& other stuff) for Group, Book 1: Activities to Initiate Group Discussion



ISBN: 978-1-885473-39-4
SIZE: 8.5 x 11
PRICE $24.95

“The ultimate goal of an experiential facilitator is to guide participants through their own discovery of new experiences.  From these new experiences, participants can learn how to relate new skills, ideas, and behaviors to future life situations.”

Here are thirty-seven different 10- to 20-minute activities, focusing on topics that crucially affect experiences throughout life, including understanding gender issues, rumors and their effects, creativity, communication, and expression of emotions and frustrations.   This practical guide to experience and activity-based counseling is easily implemented for ages 12 to adult, and adaptable for younger audiences as well. Activities include “What Would it Be Like…?” and “Are You More Like…?” questions, Teaching Tales, Minute Mysteries, and assorted games.

The information in this book is presented with a spirit of adventure and fun. Making your group a fun place to be will surely encourage participation.  Adding some adventure (an undertaking involving the unknown) can create curiosity and motivate participation.  It is our job to find out what can light the fire inside.  These Games (& other stuff) for Group have really helped me.  I hope they can help you too.  Enjoy!




Table of Contents

Presenting & Processing
Sample Processing Questions

Section One: Activities
TP Talk
Guess Who
Pick Your Brain
Toss-A-Name Game
Name Ball
I’m Going on a Trip
Building My House
Circle Pass
Warning Bells
Sticks, Stones & Bones
Cave In
Color Challenge
Paper Chute
The Box

Section Two: What Would It Be Like...?
What Would It Be Like...? Introduction

Section Three: Teaching Tales
Teaching Tales Introduction
The Ugly Bug
Big Jim
Silver Bear’s Dream
Two Buckets
Nobody Knows
Ladybug & Frog
Other Story Suggestions

Section Four: Minute Mysteries
Minute Mysteries Introduction
Doctor’s Dilemma
Gone Hunting
A Walk in the Rain
The Elevator
The Man in the Mask
Piercing Dilemma
Frozen in Ice
Albatross Soup
Reading, Right?
Five Men

Section Five: Are You More Like...?
Are You More Like...? Introduction

Experiential/Adventure-Based Training Companies
Play Therapy Resources
Activity Equipment & Games Catalogs
Recommended Resources

Games (& other stuff) for Group, Book 1

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