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Focus Your Locus: Activities That Focus the Power of Individuals and Groups



ISBN: 978-1-885473-89-9
SIZE: 6 x 9

It is our goal to provide opportunities for you to learn, relearn, or rethink some active and reflective activities that can be relevant for all types of counselors, teachers, and experiential educators. These activities illustrate the power of the focused individual and of the collective mind.

What can we do as teachers, as group leaders and facilitators to help refocus our groups and harness the necessary energy to keep the momentum moving through the experiential learning cycle? Understanding the energy within us is important. Being able to harness and focus the collective power of the group can bring groups back to previous levels of performance and then move them far beyond.

Focus enables people to more clearly access their thoughts. Access to one’s thoughts helps individuals to evaluate previous thoughts and experiences and create new ideas. New ideas create energy. Energy stimulates awareness, which can influence where one’s locus of control resides. Awareness can fuel courage, potentially allowing one to become more individually responsible. Courage leads to an enhanced ability to make new conscious choices, which, when made within groups, lead to mutual accountability. These new choices lead to new opportunities for learning and growth. New learning and experiences provide opportunities for new thoughts, and the cycle begins anew, with focus enabling people to access their thoughts more clearly.




Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Genesis of Hocus Pocus, Focus Your Locus
Chapter 2: Come on, Energy! (Common Energy) 
Activity: Energy Ball 
Activity: Ah! So! Zoo!
Activity: Whoosh, Wham, Whoa, Wow!
Activity: Zip-Zap 
Chapter 3: Evolution of Group Focus|Looking Back in Front of Us 
Chapter 4: The Mirror Neuron Party 
Chapter 5: Individual Focus|Nothingness is Good 
Activity: Washer Pendulum
Chapter 6: Group Focus|That’s Ubuntu!
Activity: Pringles® Stomp
Activity: Laughing Symphony
Activity: Bull Ring
Chapter 7: Leading Versus Facilitating|A Slice of Humble Pie 
Chapter 8: The Collective Power of the Focused Group|Lighter Than Air
Activity: Levitation
Chapter 9: Accessing Our Thoughts|The Usefulness of Focus
Chapter 10: Attention Getters|Can You Hear Me Now?
Chapter 11: More Locus-Focusing Fun
Activity: A Single Drop of Water
Activity: The Clock
Activity: The Clock (Webbing Adaptation)
Activity: Deeply Rooted
Activity: Helium Stick
Activity: Instant Replay
Activity: King Frog
Activity: Micro-Macro Wave Stretch 
Activity: One Duck 
Activity: Photo Finish 
Activity: Pipeline 
Activity: Positive Isometrics 
Activity: Run, Shout, Knock Yourself Out 
Activity: Snoopy vs. The Red Baron 
Activity: Webbing Yurt Circle 
Activity: Write Together 
Activity: Yurt Circle 
Focus Your Locus Conclusion 

Focus Your Locus

SKU: 9781885473899
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