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The newest book by Jim Cain is Find Something To Do - 123 powerful and practical things to do with nothing at all. This non-prop activity book is 224 pages, back pocket size (4.5" x 6"), with lots of photographs and illustrations. It covers everything from painless icebreakers to team challenges and trust building activities, to games just for fun, puzzles, reviewing and closing activities. In fact, there are more than 123 activities in this book, more than any other no prop book in the field (so far).


The Easy as 1-2-3 series of books (of which, FSTD is the first) will be focused on helping teachers, trainers, facilitators and group leaders of all kinds do some amazing activities with groups.




Table of Contents

Creating Something From Nothing

Getting the Most From These Activities

1. Openers, Icebreakers, Warm-Up Activities

& Energizers

2. Team Challenges & Trust Building Activities

3. Tricks, Stunts, Puzzles & Other Challenges

4. Games Just for Fun

5. Reviewing Techniques & Closing Activities

6. Bonus Activities

7. The Top Ten List

8. References and Resources

Reference Books – A Bibliography

Other Books by Author Jim Cain

An Interesting Story Related to this Project

About Jim Cain and Teamwork & Teamplay

About the Easy-as-1-2-3 Series of Books

A Memory Tool – The FSTD Bandana

A Little Inspiration

For More Information

Find Something To Do: No Prop Activities

SKU: 9780988204607
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