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by Sam Sikes

A best seller! All 38 activities are new in content or scenario and have been effective with thousands of work teams. Each experiential activity comes with facilitator and participant instructions. Includes game templates that may be copied.

204 pages - 6" X 9"


The "Gorilla book" contains mostly problem-solving activities used for team building. All of the activities have inexpensive props (if any are required). Almost all the activities were created to address the needs of teams Sam had been working with through the years. This was Sam's first "official" book and it has become a standard resource for experiential facilitators world-wide.


FAQ: Why Zircon Gorilla? Feeding The Zircon Gorilla is the name of one of the activites in the book. The activity was originally created for a company that used a gorilla as their unofficial corporate mascot. What does a 500 pound gorilla do?... pretty much anything he wants.

Feeding The Zircon Gorilla

SKU: 9780964654105
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