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Adventure and the Way of Jesus: An Experiential Approach to Spiritual Formation



ISBN: 978-1-885473-81-3
SIZE: 6 x 9

I found that the fear I had about questioning what I thought was truth was more perceived fear rather than real fear.  I discovered that God was not afraid of my questions.  In fact, He was calling me into those questions.

What things are best suited to help others grow spiritually, and what equipment is at the disposal of the spiritual facilitator?” Spiritual facilitators help others through their own presence, the conditions they create and maintain, and the effective use of questions to point, nudge, direct, and teach those who want to learn.  One of the best contexts for discovery is experiential learning.  This is a type of learning that requires action, reflection, and an undetermined result.  In a word, spiritual formation requires adventure.

This book is a set of thoughts to challenge and inspire those who are in a position to help, teach, lead, or mentor others who are at their own crossroads, wondering if the lonely less-traveled road is for them.  The author invites us to read slowly and listen closely as we join him in thinking about our part in God’s work on earth.




Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is the Intent or End Toward Which I Work?
Chapter 2: The Context of Adventure
Chapter 3: What are the Greatest Hurdles to Spiritual Formation?
Chapter 4: Understanding the Dynamics of Change
Chapter 5: A View of Christian Community
Chapter 6: A Particular Kind of Teaching
Chapter 7: The Spiritual Facilitator
Chapter 8: The Containers of Formation
Chapter 9: Containers Applied
Chapter 10: What Now?
Chapter 11: Experience With Purpose
Final Thoughts

Adventure and the Way of Jesus

SKU: 9781885473813
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