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Effective Models and Activities for Leaders, Trainers, and Facilitators Engaging the Issues of Trust and Trustworthiness

by Sam Sikes

If you have ever needed to work with a group of people to discuss and develop trust, you know it can be difficult to go beyond basic definitions and encouragements to simply get along with each other.

Inside this book you will discover several models and over a dozen experiential activities that will help you understand how to engage the topic of relationship trust with teams and human relationships of all kinds. There is a chapter on the topic of trustworthiness and how to keep intended commitments.

The models each emphasize different approaches to developing trust with others. The book includes:
• A Situational Trust Model when you need to work on perceptions and realities of people's character, abilities, and risk. 
• A Piggy Bank Model focuses on the daily interactions we have with others.
• A Behavioral Trust Model ties easily into a behavioral style or personality inventory that a team may be taking.  
• A Leadership Trust Model for leaders to better develop trust with those they lead.

Beyond trust, the book covers trustworthiness, how to be more trustworthy, and how to make the commitments of being more trustworthy endure.

To add life to your trust program, there are several experiential activities to bring the models and concept to life. All of the activities focus on relationship trust rather than physical trust. You won't find trust falls and blindfolds in any of them.

The book also includes information to access online instructional videos and other trust aids. Sometimes seeing an activity can increase understanding. 

160 pages - 5.5" X 8.5"

Contact Sam directly at if would like to buy in volumes of over 20 books (there are 64 in a case) or if you would like to set a 2-day training that experientially covers the entire book's content.

A Foundation of Trust

SKU: 9780988204652
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