Adventure, Play, Peace: Insights and Activities for Social-Emotional Learning and Community Building With Young Children



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Play is a natural way for children to learn and have fun. When playing with children or supporting them in free play, there are opportunities for parents, teachers, and caregivers to teach peacemaking skills. The basic concepts and creative activities presented here focus on how children play by incorporating the peacemaking skills of empathy, conflict resolution, trust and refection.  This is the foundation of a compassionate community.

So, how do play and peace go together?
How do you make a play experience turn into a peacemaking lesson?
How does a child learn compassion and kindness in the midst of fun and games?
How can play possibly be a way to teach a child to express his or her feelings?

While we play, in the midst of the experience, there will be opportunities to teach peacemaking skills.  Those teachable moments can be considered peacemaking opportunities. You may start with an agenda for play; however, you might veer away from that plan when the children bring their own dynamics to the game. Peacemaking and compassion work are more important than the games. How you play matters more than what you play (safety concerns aside). The games are the means to learning skills for life. The games are the avenue to the expression of creativity. If you are going to play with children or support them in their free play, the concepts in this book can be the foundation on which you can build a compassionate community. The specifics of the games are secondary to these concepts. In a sense, you will have two bags of tricks: the concepts in one bag and the games in the other.




Table of Contents


The Power of Play 
Adventure Play Basics
Components of Peacemaking Work
More Play
Real Experiences Bring Growth and Change
Social and Emotional Learning
Reduction and Removal of Free Play Time
More Peace
Peacemaking Opportunities
Shaping a Compassionate Community
Being Playful
Trust and Challenge
Lighthearted Involvement
More Free Play

More Important Than the Games 
How You Play Is More Important Than What You Play
Be Gentle, Be Kind, Be Safe
Coming “Back to Peace”
Embrace the Muck
Friends Argue, Good Friends Work It Out
Are You Okay?
Buddy Games
Use Your Strong Voice/Use Your Assertive Voice
Make a Decision
Honoring the Child’s Goodness
Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
Keeping the Good Energy Safe
Personal Practice

Nuts and Bolts of Adventure Play 
The Language of Adventure Play
Adventure Play Prop Ideas
Adventure Play Program: Sample Lesson Structure
Sample Program for Various Ages
Sample Program for Toddlers
Getting Started
Make a Plan
Acknowledge Obstacles
Valuing Play
Find a Playful, Compassionate Co-leader
Keep It Simple
Wear Your Play Clothes
Index Cards
Home Spots
The Way To Be Safe Is…
Playground and Play Space Ground Rules
The Rule Becomes a Game
Speed of Movement
Staying With the Group
I Just Want to Watch…

Games and Activities 
1, 2, 3 Adventure Play!
5 Step Circle
All the Children Went to Sleep
Back and Forth
Balloon Blow Up
Bears Are Sleeping
Big Turtle
Bucket of Balls
Can You?
Cat and Mouse
Chaotic Juggle
Create a Game
Dice Warm Up
Friends in the Fog
Front, Back, Side, Side
Group Loop
Help Me, Please
Human Memory Game
Jog Switch
Jumping Beans
Motor Boat, Motor Boat
Mountain, Mountain, Volcano
Over the Rivers
Parachute Ride for a Friend
Pickles, Pears, Peaches
Pigs Fly
Rainbow Stretch
Rocket Ship
Roll It
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Runaway Tarp
Saving the Black Robin
Sleepy Snakes
Squirrels in the Trees
Stepping Stones
Sticky Buddies
Throw and Go (Kick and Go)
Tight Rope Walking
Touch 4, 5, 6
Touch, Look and Go
Trash Balls
Trust Circle
Walk the Puppy
Wiggly Worm

Reflection and Getting to Know Each Other
Getting to Know Each Other
The Totem
What Do You Love?
Heart and Soul

Activities for Reflection and Getting to Know Each Other 
Feelings Cards
Feelings Charades
Stones Processing
Talking Stick
Treasure Chest/Chiji Cards/Postcards

Quick Reference Games List
About the Author

Adventure, Play, Peace

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